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After a 14-month renovation, we are uncrating over 2,500 works of art and unveiling a new art experience. Uncrate a preview of what you’ll find.

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See art in a whole next light.

The natural light from the east entrance addition’s 16-foot windows and LED lighting ensure all the art is viewed in the best conditions possible. Our galleries have been redesigned to reflect and enhance—rather than simply display—the works they contain.

Travel several decades in a few small steps.

With the Museum’s new chronological layout, visitors can enjoy the evolution of art. By putting works into the context of larger movements, visitors can get a deeper understanding of the pieces, the artists, and the cultures that inspired them.

We’ve freed the art to tell its story.

Enjoying art involves so much more than viewing a painting on a wall. The visionary 150,000-square-foot renovation included the first-ever major reinstallation of our beloved collection galleries, reimagined to tell the fascinating stories behind the Museum’s unique works.