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After a 14-month renovation, we are uncrating over 2,500 works of art and unveiling a new art experience. Uncrate a preview of what you’ll find.

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Making art a social experience.

Art brings people together—and we’ve redesigned the Museum with this in mind. From a welcoming new entrance on Lake Michigan to our second floor sculpture gallery lounges, your Milwaukee Art Museum is an engaging yet comfortable environment.

Refined tastes.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Michigan as you enjoy mouthwatering treats. A new wine, coffee and snack bar offers European style small plates to museum-goers and the general public alike—no admission required.

More family friendly than ever.

Kids 12 and under enjoy free admission every day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Art has always been shared between generations, and we’re pleased to continue this tradition with the interactive Kohl’s Art Generation spaces. This lab, gallery, and studio help nurture artistic passions in children.

Further inspiration can be found in the brand new “Collaboratory”—a room of wonder designed with the family in mind, presented with the help of the Museum’s Teen Leadership Program. And don’t miss our free ArtPacks, which provide kids an engaging “explorer kit” for enjoying the Museum.

Restrooms on every floor offer great family convenience along with three areas to eat and refresh within the Museum.