Uncrated. Unveiled.

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After a 14-month renovation, we are uncrating over 2,500 works of art and unveiling a new art experience. Uncrate a preview of what you’ll find.

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Uncrated. Unveiled.

Now Open

We’ve uncrated the art. And unveiled a new art experience.

With our grand reopening in November 2015, the Milwaukee Art Museum concluded a six-year, $34 million renovation and expansion project. Not only have we added gallery space, but we’ve transformed the entire visitor experience, allowing you to view and enjoy the art in a whole new light. But it’s not just a better experience—it’s also so much bigger. We’ve added vast amounts of new art to our galleries, some of which has been hidden away in storage for decades, uncrated and unveiled at last.

With 1,000 more works, it’s like your first visit all over again.

After 14 months of renovation and expansion, we now have room to display more art than ever before. Many old favorites are returning, along with more works brought out of storage. Combined with some exciting new acquisitions, our permanent display has grown to an astounding 2,500 pieces.

Dramatic composition and use of light. And that’s just the gallery.

We’ve rebuilt the entire museum experience from the ground up. On entering the new Milwaukee Art Museum, you’ll find streamlined spaces for easier walkthrough, improved natural and LED lighting for brighter, more environmentally-friendly viewing, and breathtaking vistas that make this space truly worthy of the art inside.

Grab a bite, a coffee or glass of wine with Picasso, Miro and Degas.

As part of our rebuild, we wanted to make sure the Museum is a comfortable space where people from all walks of life can gather. From a new entrance on Lake Michigan to the breathtaking views seen from our new coffee, wine and snack bar, our spaces are welcoming and accessible meeting spots—whether you’re viewing art or catching up with old friends.